Internet Weekly - Bad Horror and Sci-Fi Movies

The Incredible Shrinking Moron 6/30/05

Karl Rove's GOP Freaks 6/16

A Neocon Sideshow

Mister Ed Does Crawford 6/13

Bush Gets To Milk His Hero

I Was a Teenage Neocon 6/12

Reefer Madness 6/7

Dr. Cyclops 6/7

The Diabolical Dick Cheney

Lady Frankenstein 5/17

Chicken Little 5/11

Yodeanbo! 5/8

The Gay Ranchero 5/1

Just A Normal Day In Crawford

Dubya Hood 4/29

Dawn Of The Dolts 4/26

Alan Greenspan's - The Hills Have Eyes 4/24

The Devil's Rejects 4/21

Ratzinger Wins Miss Vatican Beauty Pageant 4/20

The GOP's American Psycho 4/13

Karl Rove's "The Birds" 4/3

The next scream you hear
may be your Own!

The Low Wage Empire 3/27

Soylent Greenspan 3/25

The Return of the Bride of Frankenchimp 3/15

Creature From The Federal Reserve 3/8

The Thing From Planet Exxon 2/13

Terror From The Year 2,005 2/09

Devil Girl From Stanford 2/01

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