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GOP Pin-Ups: Donald Rumsfeld 08/31/06

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Rummy Comics 08/04

Rummy's Cakewalk Turns Into A Frog March!

SuperScam 06/23/06

Featuring The Evil Incarnate Twins

Wingnut's Adventure Magazine 03/15/06

Katherine Harris Bares All!

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 8/25/05


Rummy's Self-Help Book

Now you too can charm
the vultures out of the trees!

Uncle Rummy's Iraq Recruiting Poster

Uncle Rummy
Wants You

Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld GOP Playing Card


More Rummy Satire

SuperScam 06/23

Rummy Opens New Five And Dime Store 02/18

Rummy's Panda Metaphor 01/26


Rumsfeld Calls Iraq Withdrawal Plan "Coitus Interruptus" 11/24

Looted Iraqi Relics Turn Up At Rumsfeld Yard Sale 11/09

Rummy's Secret Visit to His Pal Saddam Hussein 10/21

Rummy's Fiesta 10/3

The Transparent Man 7/28

Rumsfeld Offers His Sage Advice To Pope Conclave 4/15

The Dirty Sanchez Doctrine 3/31

Rummy's Self-Help Book 01/11


Rumsfeld Admits He Was Brainwashed About 9/11 9/12

Rumsfeld's "Hazing" Poster Uncovered 8/27

Rumsfeld Visits Opium Den In Afghanistan 8/13

Rumsfeld Agrees To Be Character Witness For Saddam Hussein 7/2

Rummy's West Point Commencement Speech 5/30

King Rummy II 5/16

Rumsfeld Releases Shocking New Photo 5/9

Rumsfeld Baffled by Flash Cartoons 4/30

Rummy Makes OPEC Deal 4/2

Rumsfeld Marries Himself 2/29

Rummy's Epiphany

Rummy's Shocking Revelation

Rummy's New Game Show: The Wheel of Farces

Rumsfeld Victim of Fowl Play

The Hypnotic Eye

Close to You - An IWR Karaoke Sing-A-Long

Rummy's Plan 9

Rummy's Mind Meld

Rummy Cake

Rummy's Vase

Rummy's New Brain

Rumsfeld Unveils Iraq's New Enterprise Zones

Rummy Issues Home Run Derby Challenge to Saddam


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