Dick "Unka Dick" Cheney - IWR Parody Archive

SuperScam 06/23

Featuring The Evil Incarnate Twins

Oilman's Adventure Magazine 04/26

Cheney's Baboon Gas Price Torture

Unka Dick 04/24

The Art of Mark Bryan

Dick Cheney's Candid Camera 04/10

Domestic Spying's Funniest Moments!

Rev. Moon Launches 'Preemptive Warrior' Magazine 03/19

See How Jerry Falwell Cured His Gay Urges!

The Black Terrorist 11/21

Featuring Dick Cheney

The Diabolical Dr. Cyclops

The Diabolical Dick Cheney

The Halliburton Spitball

Fear Strikes Out

More Dick Cheney Satire

SuperScam 06/23

Cheney Claims He's Not Dead 05/25

Oilman's Adventure Magazine 04/26

Unka Dick 04/24

Dick Cheney's Candid Camera 04/10

IWR Exclusive: Cheney's Hotel Room! 03/26

Rev. Moon Launches 'Preemptive Warrior' Magazine 03/19

Wingnut's Adventure Magazine 03/15

Cheney Denies Lobotomy Rumors 03/09

The Environmental Vice President 02/17

The Neocon Menace! 02/16

Cheney To Be Treated For Bird Phobia 02/14

Cheney Shoots Scooter Libby By Accident 02/13

Cheney: 'No 9/11 If Stalin Was President' 01/05

Cheney Demoted To White House Jester 12/2

Cheney Says Administration Misled By Hallucinations 11/22

The Black Terrorist 11/21

Dawn Of The Dick 11/17

Cheneytol® 11/07

Sleep Like A Baby Monkey!

Cheney Subject Of French Art Exhibit 10/31

Cheney Says Smurfs In Last Throes 10/12

The Cheneys Visit New Orleans 9/8

Dr. Cyclops 6/7

Have You No Shame, Mr. Cheney? 5/10

The Thing From Planet Exxon 2/13

Cheney: Kerry Win Risks Asteroid Hit 9/8/04

Conservatives Taunt 'The New Compassionate' Cheney 9/6

Yankee Fans Give Cheney The Bronx Cheer 7/1

The Bush-Cheney Campaign: 'Let The Mudslinging Begin!' 6/27

Cheney Stars In White House Version of Cabaret 6/17

Cheney Fires Saddam's Trophy Rifle to Celebrate Memorial Day 5/31

This Mad Brute 4/22

A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue 3/19

The Bush-Cheney '04 Official Campaign Wallpaper 3/7

Dick Cheney's Terrible Secret 2/18

The Towering Terror From Hell 1/27

Cheney Challenges Wesley Clark to 'Croquet Death Match'

Cheney Denies He Is Uncle Fester

Cheney's Believe It Or Not


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