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Dracula's Daughter

Ann Coulter Cartoon

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Satan's Cheerleaders

Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin and Virginia Foxx Cartoon

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Patriotic Coulter Wires Jaw Shut Until The Economy Recovers

It Should Help Lower Carbon Emissions Too!

Reading Room: Ann Coulter's jaw broken and will be wired shut

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The Reincarnation Of Eva Braun

The GOP's #1 Icon!

Inspiration: Coulter just wants Jews to be “Perfected” and
Bush Stands up for Genocide

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Southwest Makes Coulter Cover Up

It's No Wonder Why All Those Conservatives Turned Gay!

WASHED-UP, FL (IWR Satire) - Southwest Airlines today made conservative pundit Ann Coulter put a paper bag over her head to cover her offensive hooker style painted face and pulsating Adam's apple.  "We had to do something. All the senior citizens and school children thought her Adam's apple was going to explode any minute as Coulter spewed her hate speech in her cell phone on the plane," said Southwest spokesperson Freak-Out Freddie.

Inspiration: Fashion Police: Southwest Tells A Second Woman To Cover Up

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The Bad Seeds

Don't take candy from Republicans!

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Ann Coulter's Greatest Fits


The Neocon Wasp Woman


White Houseboy

Confessions Of A Base Boot Licker
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Ann Coulter's School of Beauty and Elocution

Fembot Heaven

(IWR Satire) -- Hi! My name is Ann Coulter, and I want to show you how you too can make millions of dollars by being mindless neo-conservative pundit or cable TV newscaster.

All you have to do is take my patented two week training program in Beauty and Elocution for your ticket to success. I guarantee it!  Want to learn more?  <Full Story>

Ann Coulter's GOP Most Wanted Card

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