Iraqi Information Minister a.k.a. Comical Ali, Baghdad Bob

Iraqi Information Minister
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Baghdad Bob
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Baghdad Boosh Animated GIF

Former Iraqi Information Minister Back on TV!!!

Baghdad Bob Captured!!!

Comical Ali Still Alive!

Remember the Iraqi Information Minister hilarious quotes?

Capitol Steps Comical Ali Interview

Iraq's 'Comical Ali' a liar to the end (Toronto Star article has several links including this page!)

Baghdad Bob Quotes

Clone'O'Matic PDA (Includes Comical Ali Video Clips)


"Comical Ali" set to make music

US forces 'turn down Sahhaf's surrender overtures'

Saddam's mouthpiece 'seeks surrender'

Comical Ali resurfaces

Ex-Iraq Info Minister Gets TV Job Offer

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Even Bush is fan of the Iraqi information minister

The Iraqi Information Minister's Last Press Release

Iraqi Information Minister Accepts Position as US Tobacco Spokesperson

The Iraqi Information Minister Doll

Something Awful Does al-Sahhaf

Iraqi Information Ministry - Official English Language Site

Iraqi information minister a hit in cyberspace

We Love the Iraqi Information Minister

The Iraqi Information Minister
Receives Academy Award

Comical Ali to Replace
Charlton Heston as NRA Spokesman

"I triple guarantee you, guns don't kill people,
sick dogs and wild donkeys kill people!"

Iraqi Information Minister Changes
Allegiances to Dirty Sanchez

"Hey at least he's got a future,"
says Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf

Iraqi Information Minister
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