Conservative, Neocon, Wingnut Men's Magazines

Perverted Man Magazine 3/19

The Compassionate Pervert
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Sleazebag Magazine 01/18

Featuring The Shah of Iraq
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Senator Inhofe Vs The Global Warming Babes 07/25

They're Coming To Take Him Away - Ha ha!

White Houseboy 06/08

Confessions Of A Base Boot Licker

Macho Man Magazine 05/19

Macho Man Magazine

Men-Of-War Magazine 05/08

An Adventure Magazine For Jelly Heads

Oilman's Adventure Magazine 04/26

Cheney's Baboon Gas Price Torture

Bush Caught Leaking With His Monkey Pants Down! 04/07

Everything he says is a lie!

Lunatics In Charge At Homeland Security! 04/05

Doing what comes naturally
in the Bush Administration

Rev. Moon Launches 'Preemptive Warrior' Magazine 03/19

See How Jerry Falwell Cured His Gay Urges!

Wingnut's Adventure Magazine 03/15

Katherine Harris Bares All!

Condi: Queen Of The Jungle 03/10

Harry Reid Is On The Menu

Conservative Misadventures Magazine 03/03

At A Newsstand Near You!

Neocon Man Magazine 02/22

They're Outsourcing Our Security!


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