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Friday 8/01/14

Ignorance Is Strength

tags: Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachmann, Steve King, GOP, Fox News, Tea Party, Conservative, Satire, Humor, Cartoon/Cartoons

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Wednesday 7/30/14

Mayberry G.O.P.

tags: Louie Gohmert, GOP, Fox News, Tea Party, Conservative, Satire, Humor, Cartoon/Cartoons

Paul Ryan Sucks on Facebook!

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Monday 7/28/14

Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Program

tags: Paul Ryan, Soylent Green, GOP, Fox News, Tea Party, Conservative, Satire, Humor, Cartoon/Cartoons

Paul Ryan Sucks on Facebook!

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Monday 7/28/14

Art and Music Links For 07/28/2014

Rene Margritte - Attempting The Impossible (1928) via The Roaring 20s & 30s.

Alphonse Mucha - Summer, detail from Four Seasons (1896)

James Tissot - The Hammock (1880)

Shiori Matsumoto - Into the abyss of the mind field part Board (2014)

Kemi Mai via Urban Muse

Sketch of Alexandra Bleeker

Alexandra Bleeker

Jim Salvati

Hoop Dress

Stunningly Lifelike Birds Made Entirely From Paper - (Diana Beltran Herrera's Website)

Alex Shatohin via Weird Tales Magazine

Pawel Kuczynsk

Lynn Larrow - Green Heron At The Lafayette Reservoir

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Mayberry G.O.P.  7/30

Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Program 7/28

Little Red Riding Hood Meets Rick Perry 7/22

O'Reilly Wants To Build An American Maginot Line 7/14

The NRA Lunatics 7/12

A Tea Party Brain 7/11

Baghdad Dick 6/30

Ron Paul To Star As Dagny Taggart In Atlas Shrugged 6/20

The GOP's Antichrist Message 6/19

What Would Hitler Do? 6/11

SCOTUS To Allow The Koch Brothers To Patent The Sun 5/23

The GOP's Wild Goose Chase 5/5

Huckabee And Rodman Begin North Korean Freedom Tour 4/14

Shilling Jesus 3/31

Singin' Without A Brain 3/26

Ken Langone Is Sorry 3/19

GOP = Grotesque Oligarchy Party 3/14

Leave It To Beaverhead 3/12

If You Are Antiscience, Then You Must Be Pro-Ignorance 2/1

Chairman Rand 1/27

TR Vs. Christie 1/16

Feminized Atmosphere Poisons Brit Hume's Tiny Brain 1/13

Limbaugh Spins A Hot Air Vortex 01/07

Phil The Ignoramus 12/27

Which Guy Really Understands The Bible? 12/24

Ebenezer O'Reilly 12/16

The War On The Spirit Of Christmas 12/10

Merry Fracking Christmas 12/04

The GOP's Bizarro Version Of Jesus 12/02

Palin: Science Is Like Slavery 11/11

Tea Party To Set Their Calendars Back To 1861 This Weekend 10/28

The Age Of Flatulence 10/21

The Bad Penny 10/15

Satan Is A Real Person 10/7

Boehner Tries To Appease The Tea Party 10/7

Unskewed Polls Guy Says: Cruz Is A Cannibal! 10/2

Final Score: GOP Empty Suits Vs. Empty Chairs 10/1

Cruz Channels Ashton Kutcher 9/27

Cruz's Obamacare Charge 9/23

Chuck Todd Spills The Beans 9/19

100 Jesse Helms 9/13

The Tea Party's New Hero 9/12

The Wind-Up Turd Chronicle 9/11

Stand With Ted Cruz, Putin And Assad 9/7

Limbaugh Wins Annual Misogynist Greased Pole Climbing Contest 8/27

Snyder Renames Zug Island Gipperland 8/19

Fracking A Cola 8/5

All In The GOP Family 7/29

Bishop E.W. Jackson Jr. Forgets To Take His Chlorpromazine 7/24

The Adventures Of Merkinhead 7/18

The Congressional Dominatrix 7/16

Are There No Cardboard Box Houses? 7/11

The Pauls Translated 7/9

North Carolina Passes Anti-Klingon Bill 7/3

Tura Santana Vs. Rick Perry 7/1

John The Ripper 7/1

Roberts' Official Poll Tax Poster 6/25

House Bill Would Require Women To Be Barefoot And Pregnant 6/19

Darrell Issa's Wanted Poster 6/17

The Tea Party's Magician 6/10

Fracking In The Rain 6/3

Psycho Senator 5/30

The Bad Seed 5/28

The Fracking Nun 5/22

The Amazing Randy 5/20

Boehner's Benghazi Sideshow 5/13

The Sound Of Fracking 5/13

Not The Secret Word 5/9

The NRA's Version Of The Scream 5/6

Godzilla Vs The Rubber Ducky! 5/2

Citizen Koch 4/29

Rick Perry The Jihadist's Friend 4/22

Paul To Visit Grover Cleveland Using Iranian Time Machine 4/18

Michele In FrackingLand 4/15

Caught In The Headlights Again 4/9

Scalia Invokes Cardassian Precedent 4/1

Soylent Green Acres 3/30

The Misadventures Of Sergeant Scalia 3/27

I Was A Teenage Ferengi 3/20

Jack Lemmon Meets Michele Bachmann 3/11

Cheney Arrested For Crashing Papal Enclave 3/11

Falafel Knows Best 3/6

The American Berlusconi 2/28

Pope's Benedict's New Official Title: Second Hand Douche 2/27

I Manufactured A Communist 2/25

Red Green To Replace Dick Morris On Fox News 2/18

Rand 9 From Outer Space 2/18

The Ghost And Mrs. Bachmann 2/13

The Republican Water Boy 2/13

Mr. Bean Early Favorite To Be Next Pope 2/11

Captain Peecard To The Rescue 2/8

The Misadventures Of Oily Taser 1/31

The Lying Nun 1/28

Christie To Lead USA 2016 Sumo Wrestling Team 1/24

Republicans Believe Their Own Lies 1/23

A Coney Island Of The Swine 1/15

Which Side Are You On? 1/14

Bachmann Reappointed To The Simpleton Committee 1/9

Abbott And Costello Meet Barack Obama 1/7


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