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IWR Photo Cartoon - George W. Bush

The Official George W. Bush AWOL Doll


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Bush Urges UN Action to Stop Boohbah Proliferation 2/15

Monkey Pants Wants to Outsource Your Job Overseas 2/12

Pickles Is Lost in the Ozone Again 2/11

George Isuzu 2/10

Bush Outs CIA Operative On Meet the Press 2/7

Bush Denies Telling The Truth About WMD 2/6

NASA Scientists Discover Gravel on Mars! 2/5

Bush Draws Parallels Between His Administration and WWII Slapstick 2/4

Bush Blames Darwin For Chimpanzee Jokes 2/3

A New Bush Baby? 2/3

Year of the Monkey Pants 1/29

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