Dick Cheney And Jeff Gannon - Parody News Cartoon

IWR Exclusive: Cheney's Hotel Room!

WIFFLEHEAD VALLEY, SC (IWR News Satire) - IWR investigative reporter Geraldo Crowley obtained exclusive photographs of Vice President Dick Cheney's Hotel room during his recent overnight stay at the Motel 6 in Wifflehead Valley.  The Vice President was in town for the Annual Shooting Fish In The Barrel Contest.

During the evening hours, Geraldo was able to take pictures of Mr. Cheney's "downtime activities" through a two-way mirror, which was installed by motel security to spy on potential terrorists and also to get content for the motel's corporate YouTube channel.

Geraldo's photos confirmed the recent disclosure by the Smoking Gun on Mr. Cheney's hotel room requirements, but also IWR uncovered some new executive demands.

Mr. Cheney likes to relax by dancing "cheek to cheek" with a male prostitute, e.g., like his buddy Jeff Gannon, dressed as a schoolgirl.

The VP also requires a selection of antique duck calls that he likes to play while being verbally humiliated by the she-male entity.



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